Rajby adheres to international protocols of compliance with utmost focus on environmental safety, hazards, and stringent quality control. We strive to balance any potential vulnerability that is linked to conducting business on ethical grounds. Being one of the leading Denim manufacturers in the region, we understand the responsibility we carry towards our community and the environment ensuring its safety. Therefore, it is crucial to be compliant so that Rajby can conduct its operations productively in an ethical manner.

In order to achieve that, we have housed a team of CSR experts who are directly working with the top management to address such issues. The CSR team reports to the CEO and works closely with him. The responsibilities of the CSR team are to advise and train the employees, staff, and management about CSR related matters and issues. The overall goal is to ensure we run and manage a safe and sound workplace. At Rajby, we specifically assess the following:

  • Health and Safety Conditions: Meet the expectations employees and their families have from us for their well-being
  • Human Rights: Ensure employees are protected from all kinds of discrimination and to take prompt action, if rights are being violated
  • Legal System: Abide by local and international laws and provide the necessary support to adequately protect our trademarks, investments and other business ventures
  • Political, Economic and Social Environment: Protect the company’s commercial interests and corporate image along with taking care of the environment around us

  • 1. Social Accountability SA-8000:2014
  • 2. Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production - WRAP
  • 3. Global Organic Textiles Standard - GOTS
  • 4. Recycled Claim Standard - RCS
  • 5. Content Claim Standard - CCS
  • 6. Global Recycled Standard - GRS
  • 7. Organic Content Standard - OCS
  • 8. Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015
  • 9. Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015
  • 10. Oeko Tex 100

Other Assessment Tools:

  • 11. Higg Index
  • 12. Sedex
  • 13. Good Manufacturing Process – GMP
  • 14. Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism – CTPAT
  • 15. Business Environmental Performance Initiative - BEPI
  • 16. Ready to Manufacture - RTM
  • 17. Green to Wear - GTW

Developments in Process:

  • 1. Zero Liquid Discharge - ZLD
  • 2. Detox / Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemical - ZDHC
  • 3. Energy & Water Management
  • 4. Green Office Certification
  • 5. Sustainable Textile Production – OEKO Tex SteP
  • 6. Best Chemical Management Practices