Communities contribute towards the business success. Thus businesses have a responsibility to give back to the communities.

We, at Rajby, do not just focus on our business operations. Being a responsible corporate citizen, we consider this our duty to take care of the communities within which we work. Backed by a rich legacy of over four decades, we have earned a sound reputation by carrying out regular philanthropic activities. Our meaningful efforts for the welfare of these impoverished communities are intended to empower them and improve their living conditions.

We consider our employees as our biggest asset and a part of the Rajby family. The well-being of our team members and their families is our responsibility. We treat them with care and respect, ensuring they have access to the necessities to meet their basic needs.

Blood Donation

Rajby is aware of the importance of blood donation to save precious lives. The company regularly organizes campaigns for collecting blood with special focus on thalassemia patients. Company employees are encouraged to actively participate in these campaigns. Once tested for safe transfusion, the blood is given to the blood bank. 50% of the collected blood is reserved for company employees and their families, which is arranged for them free of cost, while the remaining blood bags are used for common purpose


Rajby has established three clinics for providing free medical treatment to underprivileged people. These clinics are equipped with essential apparatus and all the necessary medicines. Doctors and trained paramedic staff are at hand to provide free consultation and take care of the patients in the best possible way. Around 17,000 patients visit these medical facilities every month; frequent inspections are carried out to ensure that the service quality is up to the mark.