Research & Development

Research, Experiment, Ponder and Innovate!

At Rajby, we follow a distinct design philosophy where be believe in “Reinventing Denim”.

What separates us from our counterparts is the comfort, quality, and style that remains to be a timeless possession. We have a legacy that is carried forward from one generation to another where we are constantly striving towards reinventing denim.

We consider denim manufacturing to be an art with a vast scope for experimentation and creativity. Thereby, with subsequent and consistent Research & Development, we are constantly coming up with new and intriguing trends to master this art.

We have recruited local and international design consultants as part of our in-house resources who are responsible for creating new collections based on fashion trends and insights. We have also partnered with various top brands to help us narrate our brand story and vision to the masses. All in all. Our designers have a distinct taste, value relationships and design denim wear that is bound to make a style statement.

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