Giving Back to The Society

At Rajby, we believe in fostering a healthy, productive, pleasant, safe and objective driven working environment. This has been possible by giving utmost precedence to improving the culture with activities, creativity, training and teamwork. Therefore, we believe in polishing individuals by giving them the opportunity to contribute to the business and society at large.

We firmly believe that the success any business depends on the community. Therefore, we consider the society to have played a pivotal role in our success and work towards giving back to the community with our sound CSR programs. Therefore, we simply don’t focus on our business operations, but being part of a developing economy, we consider it our duty and primary responsibility to care for the society we dwell in.

With more than four decades of commitment and hard work, we have maintained and build our reputation for carrying various philanthropic initiatives. With our efforts and contributions, we intend to not only empower but also improve the living conditions. Therefore, we have devised a sound and transparent strategy that focuses on giving back to the society.

At rajby, our employees are our pride. Therefore, we take adequate care of them, their families and the environment around them. We strive to take care and respect all our employees. Therefore, we ensure that all of them have access to basic necessities to make both ends meet.

Our CSR activities include: