At Rajby, we believe in conducting our business operations without compromising on natural resources. We are committed to drive change and prosper, while leaving a humble footprint on Earth for the generations to come.

Our Commitments for Sustainability:

  • Support environment conservation
  • Reduce water & energy consumption across all operations
  • Prefer product purchase from sources that carryout best sustainability practices
  • Purchase equipment that help in better sustainability
  • Sustained improvement in operations to ensure measurable savings

We have implemented the following measures for a sustainable future:

  • Water Treatment Plants

    Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) have been installed to minimize soil and water contamination. The parameters of the ETPs are set as mentioned below. These are more stringent than BSR Guidelines and Pakistani NEQS:

    Effluent BOD = 30 mg/l

    Effluent COD = 150 mg/l

    Effluent TSS = 30 mg/l

    PH = 6 - 9

  • Energy Audits

    We conduct regular energy audits at our Washing Factory, and based on the results, take all possible measures for energy conservation. Some of the significant steps we have taken to minimize energy wastage are as follows:

    • Use chemicals that work in low temperature
    • Manufacture articles that require one dryer cycle instead of two dryer cycles
    • Combine two or three baths in one bath

  • Upcoming Green Factory

    We look forward to a major milestone for our upcoming factory, i.e. award of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification. This certification will endorse our factory as saving resources and having a positive impact on occupants’ health, while promoting clean energy. It will also reaffirm our commitment towards sustainability.

  • Alternate Solar Energy

    We understand that fossil fuels release large amounts of toxic gases into the atmosphere and cause massive pollution. These are also finite in quantity and are expected to run dry within the next century. On the other hand, solar power is clean and abundant. While generating energy, solar panels produce virtually zero pollution. This renewable resource will also remain available to meet all of Earth’s energy needs for billions of years to come.

    Realizing these benefits and with a focused sustainable approach,we have installed solar panels in our factories.

  • Water Savings

    Clean water is precious and a vital resource. We have adopted measures to save water in our laundry processes and activities. Some of which are:

    • Less EIM score in washing
    • Treatment with minimum possible water
    • Combine two or three baths in one bath
    • Installation of shut-off valves
    • Reuse of last wash water